Diving into Inclusivity: Our New Disability Qualification Course

At in at the deep end, we’ve always believed that swimming should be a sport for everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new Disability Qualification Course. This course is designed to empower swimming instructors to be more inclusive and adaptable in their teaching methods, ensuring that every child, regardless of their unique needs, can experience the joy of swimming.

Why We Love This Course

As swimming instructors, we know the importance of differentiation and adaptation in our lessons. Our Disability Qualification Course puts a spotlight on this critical aspect of teaching. It equips teachers with the knowledge and confidence needed to adapt their lessons to accommodate swimmers with various additional needs.

What makes this course truly exceptional is that it provides valuable insights into a wide range of additional needs that instructors are likely to encounter while teaching swimming. This knowledge is invaluable, not only for those planning to deliver specific disability classes but for all swimming teachers.

What Candidates Gain

The feedback from candidates who have completed our Disability Qualification Course has been overwhelmingly positive. They express a newfound confidence in their ability to handle different additional needs in their lessons. Many are now eager to set up specialised disability lessons at their swim schools, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity.

One of the most cherished elements of the course is the practical component, where candidates step into the shoes of individuals with additional needs. This hands-on experience allows them to understand how it feels to attend a swimming lesson from the perspective of someone with unique challenges. It’s a transformative experience that fosters empathy and understanding.

What Swimmers Experience

The impact of our Disability Qualification Course extends far beyond the classroom. Swimmers who benefit from the inclusive lessons provided by our certified instructors have one thing in common – a smile on their face. Parents are delighted that their children have access to specialised swimming classes tailored to their needs. For some, it’s an emotional moment, knowing that their child can easily participate in group sports activities.

Benefits to Teachers and the Community

Equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge to confidently include swimmers with additional needs in their lessons is not just about transforming individual lives; it’s about changing communities. Our Disability Qualification Course opens up new opportunities within the community by ensuring that no one is left out or left behind in the world of swimming.

By nurturing inclusivity at the grassroots level, we are sowing the seeds of a more inclusive society, one where every individual is celebrated for their unique abilities.

Our Thoughts and Hopes

Delivering this course has been an immensely rewarding experience for us. We firmly believe that it holds immense value for all swimming teachers, even if they don’t plan to deliver specific disability classes. The shocking reality is that many children with additional needs still lack access to swimming lessons. Our hope is that as more instructors qualify with this course, this situation will change.

Inclusivity in swimming is not just a concept for us; it’s our mission. We are excited about the positive ripple effect that our Disability Qualification Course will have, and we invite all swimming instructors to join us on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive world, one stroke at a time.

To learn more about our Disability Qualification Course and how it can benefit you and your community, please contact us. Together, let’s make swimming a sport for everyone.

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