Embracing Inclusivity in the Water: Celebrating Our Gold Status as an Autism Swim Provider

As we dive into a new chapter, we proudly announce that we’ve achieved Gold status as an Autism Swim Provider. This accomplishment is more than just a recognition; it’s a celebration of our commitment to inclusivity and excellence in aquatic education, particularly for swimmers with autism.

In 2023, amidst a competitive pool of 1,200 providers across 26 countries, in at the deep end was distinguished as the Autism Swim Provider of the Year. This accolade is not just a feather in our cap; it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that we bring to our swim school every day.

Autism Swim, the only certifying body in the world specifically for autism and aquatics, has been instrumental in our journey. Our collaboration with them goes beyond mere certification; it’s a partnership that empowers us to create a supportive and effective learning environment. Each of our instructors undergoes specialised training, which equips them with the knowledge and skills to understand and cater to the diverse needs of our swimmers.

This training translates into our approach to swimming lessons. We recognise that each swimmer is unique, with their own set of abilities, preferences, and learning styles. Our goal is to tailor our teaching methods to fit these individual needs, ensuring that every learner not only feels comfortable in the water but also enjoys the process of learning to swim.

The Gold status from Autism Swim is a significant milestone, but our journey doesn’t end here. It marks a renewed commitment to our mission of making swimming an accessible, enjoyable, and safe experience for all.

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