Frequently Asked Questions

Admin and Enrolment

When can I enrol?
We run three terms per year to coincide with school terms and so enrolments for new terms usually commence about two weeks before the end of the previous term (e.g. to start after Easter enrolment will start about two weeks before the Easter holidays). However, we run an open enrolment system which means as long as we have spaces we will accept new enrolments at anytime up to the last three weeks of term. We stop at this point as its when we are producing new enrolment forms etc.
Do you run year-round?
We run term time only unless we’ve had a pool closure during the first half of each term which may cause us to run in to the half term holidays
Is there any set up fees to book?
Nope. Nothing! All you pay are the cost of your lessons. There are no admin, set up, booking or registration fees at all.
How much is it to enrol?
Each term costs different amounts as we charge the same amount per session and multiply that by the number of weeks in the term/remaining in the term.
What happens if I have to miss a week?
Unfortunately we do not offer any make up/catch up lessons so that class is simply forfeited.
How can I pay for my lessons as a new swimmer?
You can pay either via phone with us usually by you giving us your number and somebody calling you back or via BACs.
How can I re-enrol for my lessons?
For subsequent re-enrolments you can pay to enrol in Centre via cash, card or cheque, online via card or direct debit or by bank transfer.
What is your refund policy?
Please see our ‘Guidance to Parents’ documentation here for all refund information.
I wish to re-enrol for a new term. Can I do this via phone?
Unfortunately our credit card providers wont allow us to do this. However, you can enrol in Centre by cash, card or cheque over the last three weeks of term, by bank transfer or online by card or setting up a direct debit. If you need any help with these options please get in touch.
How do I change my class?
Simply drop us a message with what days and Centres are suitable for you and we will let you know the appropriate times with spaces and help you swap over.

Swimming Lessons

Why should children learn to swim?
Unlike most other sports swimming is a life skill. Not only does it develop fitness and improve stamina and flexibility it also could possibly safe your child’s life.
What age can my child swim from?
For our Swim a Song adult and child classes children can start whenever you feel they are ready. For independent lessons it is from the age of three.
Do I need to get in the water with my child?
For our Swim a Song adult and child classes, yes, we require an adult in the water with the child. For all other classes, no, adults can get 30 minutes of peace. However, for beginner lessons we always have at least one pool helper in the water with classes.
What do we need to bring to lessons?
Yourself, your child, a towel and a costume. You don’t need to worry about armbands, discs or floats – we have everything! For Swim a Song adult and child classes you will need to make sure your child has a double nappy on to prevent leakage
Do we need goggles?
We only recommend goggles in deep end classes once children are swimming extended distances. Any younger and children become dependent on them or play with them in lessons! Ultimately we are aiming to make your children as safe as possible in water and you need to know if they fall in that they are not going to panic if water gets in their eyes.
How many are in a class?
We always aim to run with no more than 12 in a shallow end class or 20 in a deep end class. Up to date information about class sizes is available (link) here. However, for beginner classes we do run with multiple teachers – at least one in the water and one on the poolside. So in effect we run a maximum of 1:6 (often 1:3!).
My child has had sickness or diarrhoea, can they still swim?
For general sickness and diarrhoea you should keep your child off swimming for a minimum of 48 hours after their last episode this is to avoid it being spread to other people.

Autism Swim

Would you recommend classes or private lessons for my autistic child?
To be honest we don’t usually make recommendations on this simply because you know your child better than anybody. We do say that you can trial classes if you want and then if they don’t work move in to 1:1’s, or, book a small bank of 1:1’s with a teacher to try and integrate in to a class with your child. The only real rule of thumb we have is that if a child has 1:1 support in school they probably need 1:1 lessons. Note we do mean 1:1 support in school, not just being in a special school or small classes.
Do I need to get in the water with my child?
No, all our 1:1 classes have a teacher in the water with children anyway and in beginner classes we also provide in water helpers. However, if after a trial it was deemed necessary to have an extra adult in the water we may discuss this with you.
My child is none verbal, does that stop them attending lessons?
Not at all! As long as they can understand visuals or spoken instructions they are welcome in both classes and 1:1’s. In 1:1’s we also have access to visual cue cards from SwimPix which can help replicate in school learning styles.
How do you know what ability levels my child is when they start lessons?
Before lessons commence we will ask you to fill in a quick ‘getting to know you’ type document which just helps the teachers learn a bit about your child and what you want to get out of the lessons – for example safety, technique, exercise etc.
Have you any visuals to show the Centres to my child before lessons start?
Yes, we have guide documents to each of our centres which can be viewed here.
My child needs assistance in changing, but, is too old to go in to the opposite gender changing facility
Family and disabled changing facilities are available at Castle View.