IATDE Level Water

As an inclusive and mindful swimming school where we believe swimming lessons should be affordable and accessible to everyone and we’re delighted that Level Water are working in partnership with in at the deep end to trial additional in water help to those shallow end swimmers with additional needs.

Level Water are a charity that collaborates with swim schools and pools to provide swimming lessons for children with disabilities and they have been working closely with our staff and management to provide this additional in water help.

Through the trial we can demonstrate a long lasting impact of the benefits of physical development to social and emotional confidence.

The additional in water assistance will mean we can provide targeted support to those who may need more help while at the same time ensuring other swimmers are not disadvantaged. In water support can take many forms including providing assistance for a swimmer who needs physical support due to a disability to stay engaged with someone. This partnership with Level Water in conjunction with our sponsored swimming places allows us to ensure nobody, regardless of financial status or need, misses out on swimming lessons.

If you think your child has additional needs and you would like some free support for them in the water please complete the expression of interest form

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