Mermaid Swimming

in at the deep end are thrilled to announce that we now have five certified MermaidsUK instructors within the company. This has allowed all of us to develop a solid understanding of the safety, science and techniques used for mermaid swimming (mermaiding)!

Mermaiding is washing up on shores throughout the UK, offering your little mermaids & mermen the opportunity to become merfolk and explore the Merkingdom which lies in the depths of the swimming pool!

Not only is this a fantastic platform to allow creativity and imagination, it is great for fitness developing strength and stamina whilst learning about team work and water safety. It is also really, really good fun!

How do we do this?

First off we give you a monofin which is basically a large flipper, but, instead of having one on each foot both go in to the same one. We then give you your tail (you can even choose its design and colour!) to go over the top of the monofin and turn you in to a fully fledged mer-person!

Each stage is introduced gradually so that the basic safety skills are covered at each stage to ensure everybody is comfortable and safe as they become this magical sea creature!

Safety First

Our mermaid lessons offer youngsters the chance to participate in lessons on a regular basis to fully learn and master the mermaid experience.


We run introductory classes on a Saturday at Thornhill from 11.15 to 12 noon or improver classes at Castle View on a Wednesday from 6 to 6.30pm.

Castle View Community and Fitness Centre

Thornhill Academy

Information on our lesson costs and current availability can be found by contacting us.