Nov. 2019 – Thornhill Re-opens (updated 24th Nov)

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25th March 2019
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14th September 2020

5th November 2019

Temporary closure of Thornhill Academy Pool

We have today been informed by Thornhill Academy staff that the pump in the pool has failed. Due to the age of the building and experience we know from experience that this is not a quick or easy fix.

As always we want to make sure everybody is aware of all updates and to try and keep everybody in the loop. As such we are going to update this thread with information as and when we receive it.

Based upon the information we already have available to us we are taking the decision to cancel classes on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Monday 11th November 2019.

We do have a very small limited number of spaces available for swimmers to move to at Castle View or Farringdon if people would like to do so. Please contact us for info and we can arrange that.

We will post updates regarding lessons on the 15th closer to the time. We are also posting a short Q&A section on the questions we have been asked:

What happens to our lessons? Will we get a refund?

Nobody will be left out of pocket for the duration of the closure. Depending upon how you are paying for lessons will depend upon what happens:

    • Direct Debit Swimmers
      • Credits will be applied to your online account before the next direct debit run is scheduled to take place on the 28th of November.
    • Online payments via card
      • Credits will be applied to online accounts to use towards the following terms enrolments.
    • Cash / card / cheque swimmers
      • If you pay in Centre for your lessons a credit will be available for you to use towards the Jan. 2020 term when enrolment commences.

How much will my credit be?

As we have said, nobody will be out of pocket. The value of a credit for next term is the same cost as each lesson will cost you. This means should you have paid for classes this term with a discount  you will not be disadvantaged. For example if you paid for lessons and had a 25% off voucher your credit will entitle you to however many lessons missed at the current price per session fee. We will not make you pay the difference between the full cost and what you paid.

Note: at present we cannot say how much people will receive as we are unaware of how long the closure will be.

I am not returning in Jan 2020?

Should you wish to receive a cash refund due to not returning in January 2020 this will be at the value paid for your lesson originally (i.e. minus any discounts given).

People paying via direct debit should notice their future bills just reduce automatically. However, if they end up in credit then refunds will be available. For those who paid via card, cash or cheque either in Centre or online cash/card refunds will be availble during the Enrolment period later this year.

Finally, we are once again devastated this has happened, however, we hope everybody understands that it is totally beyond our control. Should you have any further questions please do not hessitate to contact us.

Update – 12th November 2019

We are still awaiting on a date when the pool will reopen, however, we have heard today that the goahead has been given to the maintenance company to repair the pool.

For all swimmers who have requested a change of venue please continue to swim there until we manage to re-open. Your place has been reserved for you at the new venue, you do not need to ask us if you can continue to attend.

Update – 15th November 2019

Unfortunately lessons are still cancelled until further notice. We do know the parts have been ordered and that its simply now a wait and see game to get the parts, fit them and allow the water to recirculate before reopening.

As yet we have no idea when this will be I’m afraid although we are hopeful it will be sooner rather than later.

Once we get a reopen date we will update here and we will text all parents to let them know.

Update – 22nd November 2019

We have received notification from Thornhill Academy that the parts have now been fitted and they are just waiting on the water circulating correctly – to clean and re-heat the pool. We are hopeful this should be done by Monday allowing us to re-open for lessons then.

The Academy have said they are especially going in to check on the pool on Sunday and will let us know for definite at that point. Unfortunately we have no timescales for this, however, as per update on 15th we will text everybody when we are certain its due to reopen.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Update – 24th November 2019

Yipeee! The pool is all set to re-open tomorrow, Monday the 25th of November.

As such all transfers and class changes have been moved back to Thornhill, however, we realise some wish to stay where they are and if this is the case please just message/email us to sort.

All swimmers this week will receive two letters – one will detail and explain the credit/refund process while the second is the enrolment forms for January 2020.

Once again, as always, we thank you so much for your continued on-going support.