It’s time to get back in the water

Nov. 2019 – Thornhill Re-opens (updated 24th Nov)
5th November 2019

We couldn’t be happier to be running our sessions again after lockdown.

Due to the unprecedented challenges everyone has faced this year, many people have struggled to stay on top of their physical and mental wellbeing following lockdown. Thankfully, we’re ready to get back in the water, with swimming classes for fitness, weight loss, mental health, and more.

We love running classes and courses for all ages and abilities at Castle View Community and Fitness Centre and Thornhill Academy, and we’re proud to be the only Autism Swim Approved Centre in the North East.

Swimming is fundamentally a life skill – it can save your life if you fall into water, - but it’s much more than that. Swimming can help people lose weight and keep fit, it can build confidence and give people the chance to bond together in adult and child classes, and for those with physical or sensory conditions, it can provide therapy and relief due to the buoyancy and support.

Since the swim school was created 12 years ago, we have become nationally and internationally recognised for our  high standards, outstanding safety, extensive staff training, flexibility, and affordability.

The school holds the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) STAMark award – the definitive health and safety qualification for the industry – and was recently named in the national STA return to swimming guidance document.

Our line-up of classes includes swimming lessons for children, aqua natal classes, birthday pool parties, lifeguard training, first aid courses, and autism friendly sessions. There are more than 60 classes and we're looking forward to making a splash with a new water fitness trend called FloatFit. This unique and fun group exercise class uses floating exercise mats and offers a low-impact, full body workout with a difference. We will be one of the only schools in the UK to offer this class and will be launching it this autumn on a pay as you go system.

Like many independent businesses, we play a central role in our local community and we like to think we go the extra length to give back to the region. We employ local year 11 and 12 students as swim instructors and train them internally at the same rate of pay as older, more experienced staff. All the money taken in goes back to both the schools we hire from, the local businesses we trade with, and our employees. We’re a local, independent business so when you swim with us, you’re helping to support, and put money back into, the North East.

We invest a lot of money in ongoing staff training to make sure everybody is as safe as possible. All our staff have to undertake two hours of lifeguard training every single month. This is more than lots of competitors will do in a year! We want to teach people to enjoy the water but also respect it and stay safe. Swimming is the perfect post-lockdown exercise but more than that, we want people to develop a lifelong love of the water so they can enjoy many other aquatic activities.”

It’s time to get back in the water!