STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations

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Run and operate your pool efficiently and safely with our accredited Pool Plant Operations course. Equip yourself with machinery knowledge and water testing skills to ensure your pool is maintained to the best standards, allowing everyone to learn and swim in the best environment

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There are two elements to the assessment on this course—the remote water test and the online assessment. Please ensure you are able to complete both parts before booking on to the course.

We are very interested in your feedback and thoughts on the course. We also wish to remind you that should you have any questions or concerns throughout the course please raise them with your Tutor or via Mark the Course Organiser on the contact details above.

Cost includes both certification and an e-manual. Paper manuals are available for a slight premium.

Please ensure you have read and understood our booking terms and conditions available here before booking.

Additional information

Course Dates

July 12th – 14th (Remote), September 15th – 17th (Remote), November 29th – 1st December (Remote)


Spaces are always very limited and available first come first served. To reserve a space payment should be made via the links below and an email sent to us with the name of the person and their email address for their STA Online account.

Please ensure you have read and understood our booking terms and conditions available here before booking.

Assessment Information

To access the online learning platform you will need:
• Email access
• Laptop or a computer—tablets or phones are not compatible
• Stable internet connection
• Webcam and microphone
• Audio either via speakers or a headset
• Calculator
• Photo identification.

• The online assessment will take place on the last timetabled session of your course
• Your results should be instantly available to you after completion of the assessment
• Practical pool water tests and workbooks must be submitted within 10 days of the completion of the course. Without these candidates may fail and need to pay a £25 admin fee to access another course.
• Results will be issued within 28 days.
• All elements must be completed within 56 days of the last day of the course (including and resits or referrals).

Pass Marks
All units must be passed to achieve the qualification. The minimum pass marks are as follows:
• Unit 1: Principles of healthy and hygienic pool water—10/13
• Unit 2: Principles of pool water testing—17/21
• Unit 3: Principles of disinfection, pool chemistry and dosing in pool plan operations—7/10
• Unit 4: Principles of mechanical pool plant operations—16/22
• Unit 5: Swimming pool heating, ventilation and energy efficiency—3/5
• Unit 6: Management practices and health and safety in plant operations—6/9

The Actual Assessment
This is hosted by an external agency called Cirrus. It is essential you have the following ready at your allocated assessment slot. Failure to do so will result in a resit fee of £50:
• Stable internet connection
• Working webcam or laptop camera
• Mic, speaker or headset / earphones
• Photographic ID.

A calculator is required and you can make notes on plain paper. Once you have booked your assessment you will be sent an email confirming the data and time and be sent an email by IATDE with your username and password and the link to the online assessment.

Once logged in you will need to:
• Show your photo ID to the webcam (either passport or driving licence)
• Move the webcam around the room to ensure there are no additional items that will aid you in the assessment.

Pool Water Test

In order to complete the practical pool water testing assessment candidates must have access to a pool water testing kit and pool water. This element can be video recorded and submitted to the tutor, or completed via Teams / Zoom etc. Whichever method is used, however, it must allow for recording, have a suitable working camera and sound capabilities. The course tutor will explain the expectations to pass the practical assessment during the course.

The recordings must be submitted within 10 days of the completion of the course. This is so that certification is not held up for the rest of the course. Should they not be received in time candidates may fail and have to pay an admin fee to access via the resit route (fee for a resit is currently £25).

Fails / Resits

Candidates are entitled to two attempts at the online assessment. Should a candidate fail a module of the assessment they will only need to resit that one element. There is a fee of £25 for re-assessment regardless of the number of modules needing resitting.

IATDE will support and assist candidates should they need to resit although should additional tutoring be required this may be chargeable.

Candidates who fail the online assessment twice will need to re-attend the course.

There is no charge for having to resubmit pool water tests or workbooks as long as this is within the 10 day window at the end of course completion. Should times exceed this there is a minimum charge of £25.