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4th August 2020
Towelling Robes (Medium)
Towelling Robe (Medium)
7th August 2020
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Towelling Robe (Small)

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This super soft, warm, cotton fabric towelling robe will get you dry in a flash and keep you warm in the process. The sleeves have been designed to ensure your modesty is kept in tact but don’t get in the way whilst getting changed.

Why wait around in the changing rooms when you can shove one of these on, jump in the car nice and warm and go home and relax in your own comfy bath and shower!


  • Small  4”- 5’1” (122cm – 155cm)

Tech Specs:

  1. Heavy weight 430 gsm 100% cotton: Absorbent luxurious cotton towelling dries you quickly
  2. Avoid exposure with sleeves and generous sizing: Large enough to easily get your arms inside without exposing yourself whilst getting changed
  3. Large pockets: Keep your hands warm and out of the wind
  4. Draw cord hood: Shield yourself from the elements when the wind starts blowing!

Other Sizes:

Want to collect?

You can now pick up this item when you come to your lesson. Simply select ‘Pick up at Pool’ when ordering and tell us where and when your lesson will be in the delivery notes at the checkout.


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Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 9 cm

Grey, Navy


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215 reviews
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215 reviews for Towelling Robe (Small)

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