Zip-up Hoodie (Child)
16th April 2020
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16th April 2020
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Zip-up Hoodie (Adult)

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  • 50% Polyester 50% Cotton
  • Reactive Dyed
  • Lycra Ribbed Cuffs & Welt
  • Twin Needle Stitching
  • Full Self Coloured Zip
  • Taped Neck
  • Front Pouch Pocket
  • Double Fabric Hood
  • Self Coloured Lace Cord
  • Brushed Effect for Superior Comfort & Look


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Sky Blue, Heather Grey


XS (34" – 36"), S (36" – 38"), M (38" – 40"), L (40" – 42"), XL (42" – 44"), XXL (44" – 66")


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307 reviews
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307 reviews for Zip-up Hoodie (Adult)

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