Baby Swim

A delightful experience for our smallest swimmers!

Designed for babies from newborns to 3 years old, this program is the perfect introduction to the water. Our gentle and nurturing approach, combined with the joy of music, movement and play, creates a delightful environment for your baby to explore and develop confidence in the water.

This fun, adult and child class is the perfect introduction to the water for babies and young children.

Using a combination of music, movement and play, Baby Swim supports babies and young children to develop confidence in the water and prepare them for independent swimming classes.

Baby Swim is also a great social opportunity for children and adults alike. Not only does one-to-one time between a baby and their parent or carer help to build trust and promote social development, the classes are also a great opportunity to make lasting friendships with other young families.

Baby Swim is suitable for babies from newborn to 3 years.

Social Bonding And Friendships

Beyond aquatic adventures, Baby Swim is a fantastic social opportunity for both babies and grown ups. The one-on-one time between you and your little one not only strengthens your bond, but also promotes social development. Our classes provide a warm and welcoming space for you to connect with other grown-ups and caregivers, forming lasting friendships with families who share the joy of water exploration.

Building Water Confidence

We understand the importance of early water exposure. Our classes focus on gradually building water confidence in your little swimmer, laying the foundation for future independent swimming adventures. The carefully curated activities are created to make each lesson a joyous experience, fostering a positive relationship between your baby and the water.

Why choose in at the deep end Baby Swim?

Expert Instructors

Our certified instructors bring a wealth of experience in early childhood and water education

Developmental Focus

We emphasise not just water safety but also overall physical and social development

Fun and Engaging

Every class is a blend of learning and play, ensuring that your baby associates the water with joy and excitement

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