Castle View Community and Fitness Centre


Entrance and Parking at Castle View

1. When entering the carpark at Castle View head straight ahead towards the football pitches and park somewhere near here.

2. The entrance to the Centre is on that side of the building – it is not accessible via the main school entrance. 3. Once in the Centre please go past reception and straight on through the double doors which are straight in front of you. Male changing rooms are the first on the left and females second. 4. On Saturdays parking charges may be in place due to football leagues. Simply alert the attendants that you are here for swimming lessons and you will be admitted for free.

Thornhill Academy


Entrance and Parking at Thornhill

1. Come down the main ramp into the school, please follow the road straight ahead and down a bank on a single-track road.

2. At the end of this road where the Caretaker’s house is turn right, follow the road to the end and turn right again. Please park on the first or second levels only. Should any sections be coned off please do not move them as the ground maybe unstable and awaiting repair.

3. From the carpark head up the mini-banks. Once on the top level continue to walk forward as though you are heading towards the main road.

4. Walk between two buildings with the outdoor changing rooms on your left-hand side and a garage and walkway towards the main entrance on your right. Continue to head straight ahead.

5. Once you get to the small covered walk way the entrance door is on the left. First door on the right is the female changing rooms and the second door on the right is the male changing rooms.

6. Enter the pool hall via the shower area.

Sea View Primary School


Entrance and Parking at Sea View

1. Enter the car park through the barrier which will be lifted.

2. Please park close to the sports court end of the car park and head towards the kitchen which displays the sign: Main entrance.

3. Bare right at the kitchen and follow the path towards the pool.

4. Enter pool via the stairs. The female changing rooms are to the left, and the male changing rooms to the right.