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By Popular Demand! STA and RLSS Covid-19 reopening plans ‘walkthrough’ – an STA Endorsed CPD!

(using v20.14 of the STA Guidance and 1.1 of the RLSS Guidance)

  • This webinar will walk you through both the Swimming Teachers Association and RLSS UK’s guidance on reopening. As well as breaking the steps down in to handy bite sized chunks we also give you a helpful toolkit to follow to help with your planning and risk assessing.
  • 26th October 2020 10.00 – 1pm for only £10: Book via Zoom.

By Popular Demand! Aquatic Games part 2!

  • Want to know how to engage your swimmers? Want the tips and tricks of making learning fun to improve your own practice or just want a refresher as you’ve missed so much time teaching? If so this is THE course for you:
  • 27th October 2020 – 10.00 – 11.30am for only £6.50: Book via Zoom.

How can we be more profitable?

  • Think of a cross between Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert and Karen Brady from The Apprentice…. and you have us! Mark and Lynn 🙂
  • This session is designed to help you think of ways to improve profitability and cut costs. We are not promising to make you millionaires but we hope people will come away with some ideas around making their own swim school more profitable – and in the current climate who can say no to that!
  • 27th October 2020 – 1 – 3pm for only £6.50: Book via Zoom.


Missed one and want to see it?

Dont panic if you missed one of our previous webinars – all have been recorded and are available to watch at your own leisure! Why not contact us via the Contact Us page or via Facebook for access?

Currently available:

  • Pool Safety Operating Procedures and Risk Assessments Support Network – £7.50
    • Do you want to make sure your PSOPs and Risk Assessments are ‘gold standard’? Why not consider this two hour workshop which includes sample plans to help make sure your PSOPs are fit for purpose before you start amending them to become Covid secure?
  • STA Endorsed “Disability Support Network” – £5.00
    • Do you want to gain additional knowledge around children with additional needs? Do you have children you feel need more support but are not sure why and parents / carers have not disclosed anything? If so this workshop is for you!
  • STA Endorsed “Behaviour Support Network” – £5.00
    • Do you have swimmers (or parents!) with challenging behaviours? Want some new strategies to help? This is the one for you!
  • Refresher Week – £10 for 5 different webinars!
    • Fancy upgrading your skills and stroke techniques? Want to make sure you are doing the safest practices and getting the best out of your swimmers regardless of their ability? If so we have just the workshops for you! Over the course of a week we will be walking you through each of the strokes as well as lifesaving and other aquatic “fun” activities.