Zimbabwe Training

We’ve been an accredited STA (Swimming Teachers Association) training centre for over 5 years and have recently invested in a dedicated website to provide a great user experience for our audience to be able to search and book courses quickly and easily. We offer accredited, cost effective courses delivered by expert trainers and our training has reached far and wide. Recently we were able to organise and deliver an STA UK accredited course in Zimbabwe to upskill nearly 30 people as well as providing an additional safeguarding qualification. These swimming teaching programs are assessed by an independent assessor to ensure the same quality of standards wherever they are delivered.

With Zimbabwe having limited access to teaching resources and training especially within the sporting sector it was great to be able to provide STA tutors to train swimming teachers and teachers to gain an international qualification. The course will provide opportunities for these teachers to be able to work abroad without having to convert their qualification and they will go on to teach many children in a safe and fun swimming environment. Some of these teachers work in areas of poverty where children wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn to swim and it’s wonderful to feel that by providing this course we are potentially saving lives providing the skills they need to go on and make a positive impact in their communities.



“It meant a great deal to be able to do a UK Teaching course. Different ideas and methods always make us more efficient teachers.

It also gives us the real chance of being able to teach in the UK if we should ever need this.”

Valerie Annandale (delegate)



“I am so grateful as a swimming teacher in Zimbabwe that I was able to undertake this international certification. It helps open doors for a future for us and affirms our already growing teaching programs in Zimbabwe”

Natalie Pienaar (delegate)



“The STA course provided a fantastic, in-depth course not just on teaching swimming but on the importance of really understanding the learner at their different developmental stages.

This was done in a practical, professional yet fun manner with wonderful learning structures in place to help prepare for successful assessment.”

Miriam Dott (delegate)



Our trainer Rosalind Fornaiser said:

“Tutoring in Zimbabwe was an incredible experience, and taught me a lot as a tutor. Zimbabwe has a lot of adult non swimmers, making parent & child swimming more difficult. Zimbabwean swim schools overcome this barrier, to ensure no child misses out.

People in Zimbabwe tend to live elsewhere in the world for at least some of the time in their lives, in the UK, Australia or America for example, by taking a UK regulated course they are now able to find work abroad straight away, without having to convert their qualifications.”

This new year we’re expanding our range of courses and adding additional dates so that they are more varied and accessible to provide a positive impact within the swimming industry and local communities and we hope to continue to provide training overseas with further courses currently being scheduled for 2023!

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